4 dashes on optimum cable box

I've finally gotten through to tech support and they told me that the target date will be Feb 7th. It also allows Rogers to actually enforce a per-outlet charge. One of our boxes wasn't working properly. Rogers swapped it for a Cisco HD box at a Rogers Plus store since the was still under warranty. The Cisco box wouldn't authorize - it starts to boot and then just displays 4 dashes. Rogers told me to swap the Cisco box for another Cisco box at the store. The same thing happened with the second box.

Now we have to wait 2 days for a service call. I spent a lot of time on the phone with several Rogers CSRs. They tried sending signals, asked me to unplug the box for 10 seconds etc. They're sending out a service person tomorrow. They seem to think it's a problem with our cable. However, our cable is working since if I connect the tv directly to the cable we can watch a limited number of channels.

Our other box is working on another tv. On the Cisco boxes it's actually a SAC code. When I did each exchange at the Rogers plus store on Thursday, they scanned the SAC number of each new box as I exchanged it and updated my account. The service person is supposed to come this afternoon so we'll see what he says.

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4 dashes on optimum cable box

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I've finally gotten through to tech support and they told me that the target date will be Feb 7th, Not the earliest date, But at least I'll know that something will finally be done.

They told me also that I could go to a store, But I replied that the store can't troubleshoot should the authorization problem arise again with the replacement box. Message 11 of Report Content Reply Reply 0 Likes. I'm a Senior Advisor. Posts: 1, Message 12 of I don't know why I bother posting in here. Message 13 of Sorry to hear that, though I'm not surprised.Forums Search forums. What's new Unread posts Latest posts New profile posts. Members Current visitors Search profile posts.

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I have a Scientific Atlanta Explorer that was installed a few years ago.

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It's worked fine, until now. When I first hooked up the cable it started doing something really weird, it started 'counting down' with letters and numbers for about five minutes. When it stopped, instead of showing the digital clock, it shows four green dashes in a row.

I've tried resetting it ten times. It doesn't do the crazy counting down thing anymore, but it just goes black then after 2 minutes the dashes show up again. All the wires are hooked up properly and I'm pretty sure they all work.

I tried connecting with about five different cables.I did that on two of the STBs. The DVR came back with 4 dashes - no time. The other just has a screen stating "Starting Up One moment Please".

Called tech support and they tried sending a signal but it did not work. Am being told there is an "outage" in Manhattan and others who tried to reboot the box have the same issue. The outage is the lost connection to the FIOs server. Said that Central office will send a signal to correct the problem in a couple of hours. I have been told this since 10PM yesterday.

They also said the instruction from the home agent to reboot was the cause the problem. I "ggogled" and others with this problem in the past but never a solution except replacing the STB. Anyone else with this issue? Does anyone know if it can be resolved by the Central office or will I need a replacement for two STBs?

Go to Solution. Good news: This morning both STGs were working well. It appears that Central fixed my problem and similar ones overnight. Have tried to cancel shipment of STGs. Will return if they arrive. Lesson: First call two days ago to a tech gave a correct assessment that there was a TV station outage.

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Second call also correct that tthe TV station outage was fixed but there was an new outage caused by customers who tried rebooting their STG during the station outage. That caused a loss of contact with the server.

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I was told that would be fixed in a few hours. However when I called late yesterday afternoon I was told they were not aware of an existing outage and felt it was probably wireing or my STG.

4 dashes on optimum cable box

I expect there was some confusion about which outage was fixed and which was outstanding and the plan for a solution. It would be useful if My Verizon listed an outage in my area and the nature of the outage and when it was expected to be corrected. I expect the technology to provide localized notices exisits. View solution in original post. Update: After several conversations with tech.

I should have them tommorrow. Initially they suggested sending a "rolling" tech this evening but the tech I spoke with was not sure if there would be a charge. I don't understand how billing for tech.I was not receiving a few channels on one of my televisions and I just recently chatted through the live chat with a customer support rep, Rajeesh.

After an hour of instructions, I have no channels working and four dash lines on my STB. After that, I haven't been able to fix it. What can I do? Call back to technical and hope you don't get Rajeesh again.

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Seriously, the person taking through the steps should have remained on the line until your problem was resolved or scheduled a service call if not resolved. It sounds like your STB is not able to communicate with the Network. If you pull the power for 15 seconds and reconnect, the STB should reboot. This will show some activity on the front display, followed by the all dashes and after a few minutes at most the time should display.

Also make sure your Internet connection is working in case Rajeesh borked your router. If that doesn't happen you need to call Verizon because there is nothing we as a peer to peer user to user forum can do.

I have same issue - but not at first. When I called, the time was displayed on the boxes, but no picture. There was a message about channels not working, etc. I tried the in home agent etc.

4 dashes on optimum cable box

Then I called Verizon tech - Julian put my service through tests. Then he had me un plug and plug back in the coax and power. Then more tests - then the four dashes appeared. He tried some more, then scheduled a technician to come out. At least he followed through and scheduled a service appointment. The four dashes come up at the point when the STB attempts to communicate across the Coax with your router to obtain an IP address so that it can go out and get it's guide data, etc.

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Please sign in as the primary. Optimum ID to view and pay your bill. Sorry, we can't accept. Sorry we can't access. View my bill Manage payment methods Manage automatic payments Make a one-time payment Manage payment methods Manage automatic payments Make a one-time payment Manage payment methods Set up automatic payments Make a one-time payment Manage payment methods Set up automatic payments Make a one-time payment Account activity Billing support.

Find Optimum Stores Accessories Moving? Contact Us. Sign in to check your email and manage your internet features. View all. My DVR.Hey Rogers experts out there.

I have a problem, and I'll try to provide as much info as possible. I have a lot of experience with these boxes all explorer models and know that typically once you connect the cable to the input of the box, and power it up, it should still go through its POST and boot up normally, but instead of getting the clock on the front display, you should see 4 dashes called brick mode, and you should see a "Box Not Authorized, Pls call Rogers" message on screen.

At this point its ready to be regestered and activated through Rogers. Heres my problem. I cannot get to this stage. When I connect my box, it goes through a download cycle starts with rxxx, and does countdown. When it gets to r it says "Boot" on the front display, then the i output res shows up, a second later, the p shows up If I press the power button during this time, the last output resolution will come on and off with the power button The box will also sometimes show ER50 and then start its boot cycle.

As stated this box is a purchased box, and returning to Rogers for a swap is not an option. Obviously I know there is a problem and am looking for any links or help in troubleshooting this issue.

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Go to Solution. These units are pretty old and I suspect an internal hard drive failure. It's possible to replace the iHDD, however, it may not be worth it. Here's a thread explaining how to replace the drive if you can do it yourself. If you can't, it's probably not worth paying someone to fix it. Read the first few and last few pages. Try a few more reboots to see if that helps.

Also, do you have any other STBs in the home where you can check the signal? If the signal in your home or in your neighbourhood is not good, it may not boot properly. You can call Rogers and they can check the signal in your home and in your neighbourhood remotely while you're on the line. View solution in original post. Hopefully one of the more experienced current users can pop in more to help I am now more familiar with the If it has not been plugged in for quite a while.

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I am wondering, if it is somehow trying to get these updates even though not registered? The countdown part, does seem familiar to the issue some were having when getting the updates on their s.

Hopefuly someone else can confirm this, or have a different idea as to what it is. The countdown is normal and should happen regardless of weather the box is regestered or not. I've had plenty of boxes that have not been connected for over a year, and as soon as they are connected with RF and powered up, the updates begin.

At the end of the updates, it should resume to brick mode. Unfortunately all its doing is showing the output formats, and nothing else. I would also suggest more re-boots. It took a long time to update the IPG and eventually came up with this screen:.Here's a twist on your usual Bloody Mary.

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