Ceo death announcement

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New workplaces, new food sources, new medicine--even an entirely new economic system. Apple has confirmed that Steve Jobs died today. His death came exactly six weeks after he resigned as CEO of Apple. The company did not specify a cause of death, but Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in and underwent a liver transpant in He took a medical leave of absence beginning in January.

In August, he announced he was stepping down altogether. Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing human being. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to know and work with Steve have lost a dear friend and an inspiring mentor. Steve leaves behind a company that only he could have built, and his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple.

If you would like to share your thoughts, memories and condolences in the interim, you can simply email rememberingsteve apple. We will honor his memory by dedicating ourselves to continuing the work he loved so much. In his public life, Steve was known as a visionary; in his private life, he cherished his family. We are grateful for the support and kindness of those who share our feelings for Steve. We know many of you will mourn with us, and we ask that you respect our privacy during our time of grief.

The world is immeasurably better because of Steve.

Announcement to Staff - Death of Colleague

His greatest love was for his wife, Laurene, and his family. Our hearts go out to them and to all who were touched by his extraordinary gifts. Citrix MailChimp. Events Innovation Festival The Grill. Follow us:. Boyd 2 minute Read. Steve passed away earlier today. Impact Our lack of will to expand broadband access has left millions of students disconnected during closures.

Design Co. Design 3D print your own hands-free door handles Co.The following series of examples for death announcements will help you find ways to relay this important message.

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Whether it is a friend or family member, there is no greater feeling of loss than losing a beloved one close to you. A memorial to celebrate the life of [name]. It is with our deepest sorrow that we inform you of the death of our beloved husband and father [name] on [date].

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A small family memorial service was held on [date]. Survived by his loving wife [name] and his children [name] and 5 grandchildren.

It saddens me to announce the untimely death of our beloved aunt [name]. There will be a short memorial service at [time] [day of week] in the [location name] at [address]. Aunt [name] will specifies that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the [name] Scholarship fund. Our family is deeply saddened to inform you that Grandmother passed away in her sleep [day of week] night.

ceo death announcement

As many of you know, she has been suffering from kidney failure for some time now. We are relieved that her passing was peaceful and painless.

Announcement to Staff - Death of Colleague

Her funeral will be held on [day of week] at the [funeral home name] in [location] at [time]. The [name] family announce with great sadness the loss of their beloved father [name] on [date]. A funeral service will be held on [date] at [time] at the [location]. The [name] family are sad to announce that [name] died peacefully on [date].

ceo death announcement

A Holy Mass will be held on [day of week] at [time] at [location]. We are sorry to be the bearers of sad news, but our grandfather [name] passed away last [day of week] from complications following heart surgery.

He had been experiencing chest pains for several weeks. The surgery was intended to alleviate the problem.With great grief, you are notified of the sudden death of our valued employee Mr. The company understood his health conditions and was lenient whenever he took a leave for medical examination. But both his diseases were a major cause of heart failures. And this proved on Thursday night when his blood pressure shoots up and he lost his life out of heart failure.

We will never forget how loyal and professional he was with his work during all this time despite poor health. Two major contracts with Multinational companies were finalized because of his brilliant planning. It is indeed sad that we lost a gem of our company. The last services of Mr. John will be held in his ancestral cemetery of his village. The time of funeral recorded by their family is pm Saturday 15 th May. Those of you who want to join the funeral services will be exempt from the work.

Anthony from our marketing department was traveling to north Canada with his father last Saturday. Unfortunately, the weather conditions got worse in the middle and they had a terrible accident due to heavy rainfall.

The car hit a nearby fence. Many major projects we did were referred by him.

ceo death announcement

We will also remember his sacrifices and fair dealings with us. The funeral will be conducted at Merry Cemetery around am on a Friday morning. As Mr. Anthony is still injured it would be much appreciated if his coworkers play their part in carrying out funeral services. Those participating will be excused from the work.

It would be a priceless virtue if we help their family in this time of need. Williams Brown that has happened today in the morning. We all know that he was suffering from damaged kidneys from past 3 years.

But this current year was very tough for his health conditions. As he was on dialysis from past 4 months, he struggled hard enough to sort everything around him.

But there was very less time of his stay among us. He lost his life to kidney failure. We will never forget his mentorial services given to each fresh employee of this organization.

His tireless efforts to make this company progress by leaps and bounds. His attitude and guidance, everything is worthy of our praise.

Time can never fade the memory of this gentleman. William will be conducted in their own village at pm Tuesday 13 th May. He will be buried in the graveyard of the same village with his forefathers.

You are requested to attend and participate in the last services of our great employer.Note: This is part one of two parts.

ceo death announcement

Human resource professionals have a complicated job: payroll, discipline, morale, harassment, terminations, etc. But no one seems to talk about a massive issue that any company could face at any time — what should HR do when an employee dies? Or better yet, what can HR do in advance to minimize the impact of a key employee suddenly passing away?

Think of it like this — if one or both of your parents died when you were a young child, your life would be negatively impacted for a long time. The same goes for a company. The death of anyone, especially a key managerial employee, can devastate an organization for a long time, maybe even destroy it. Ina high-profile employee death announcement made waves in the media.

According to a Los Angeles Times article, the two executives had broken a long-standing rule that they never fly together. Fortunately, In-N-Out managed to survive and it has thrived in the years since, but the relatively small, family-owned business could have been destroyed. Another harrowing example of this is Cantor Fitzgerald. A documentary was made about the aftermath.

We highly recommend it. This is a two-part series. This article discusses the scenario where a managerial employee dies outside of work. So here we go, folks.

First, consider taking out life insurance on all high-ranking managerial employees. Would you like a good example? Carrie Fisher just died while in the middle of filming a Star Wars trilogy worth billions of dollars. Fisher died on December 27, after suffering a heart attack on a plane as it prepared to land in Los Angeles.

The policy was designed to pay out in the event Fisher was unable to fulfill her contractual obligation — and offset any losses from being forced to make a movie without an essential person. Life insurance is generally very affordable. Second, develop a game-plan for the loss of the major players at your organization. What would happen if your company suddenly lost its CFO or chief technology officer? Who is next in command if the CEO has a sudden heart attack?

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Is there a succession plan in place? Without one, will there be a power vacuum and internal strife? Do you have all the server passwords?Our hearts go out to Jane Doe who lost her father in an automobile accident near Springfield last Saturday night. We all know how proud he was of Jane's accomplishments and how he supported our Christmas charities.

We will all miss a great human being. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jane at this time.

Death Announcement Letters

A funeral service will be held at p. Wednesday at the Springfield Community Church. Those wishing to contribute to a floral piece should see Suzanne Johnson at the main desk. Jane's co-workers who wish to attend the service will be excused from work.

It is with deep personal regret that I inform you of Eric Doe's death. Eric died after a long struggle with leukemia. Each of us not only grieves at the passing of a tremendous individual but also for the loss his family suffers. Prior to his death, Eric expressed his desire to have contributions made to the American Cancer Society in lieu of flowers.

The funeral will be held on Saturday, July 17, at p. Internment will follow at Springfield City Cemetery. We have lost a dear friend and valued colleague. Jane Doe took her own life yesterday afternoon. Our grief and confusion at this time are little compared to what Jane's family must be feeling. Our hearts and prayers go out to them. There will be a short memorial service at Springfield beach this Saturday at noon. Make this announcement as soon as possible. Its timeliness and sensitivity are as important as the words you use in conveying the message.

It need not be lengthy to be appropriate. Spanish Letters. Example Sentences I am very sorry to inform you that John Doe passed away last night at his home in Springfield. I have just learned that John Doe was among the passengers in the plane that crashed at the Springfield airport last night.

Doctors confirmed his death at a. At p.

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Our hearts go out to John Doe, whose mother passed away on Saturday after an extended illness. I am sure you will join with me in deeply felt sympathy for Jane and John Doe who lost their premature baby last night.

Example Sentences Those of you who were close to John know of the valiant struggle he waged during these past months. We will miss him sorely in our personnel division and I, for one, will miss his good humor. I know this comes as a shock to everyone.

Our prayers go out to his wife, Jane, who has been such a wonderful support for him.Mark Hurd, who was co-chief of Oracle and former head of HP during a period rocked by scandals, died Friday. He was The company confirmed Hurd's death to CNBC but declined to provide a statement or specify the cause of death.

Some of us will miss his friendship and mentorship. I will miss his kindness and sense of humor. Hurd announced a leave of absence from Oracle in September due to unspecified health reasons.

But his tenure wasn't free of controversy. First, a scandal broke out in over attempts to determine who at HP leaked information to the media. Outside investigators, pretending to be the people they were researching, presented the last four digits of the Social Security numbers of board members and news reporters to telephone operators to obtain details on their phone calls.

Board members left, federal agencies began investigations, and Hurd testified before a congressional committee. HP concluded that although Hurd had not violated the company's policy on sexual harassment, he did fail to comply with its standards. In a letter to Hurd, lawyer Gloria Allred described his meetings with Oracle contractor Jodie Fisher in various cities and said he had made undesired advances to her client.

Hurd's expense reports included meals with his security guard, Denis Lynch, but the meals were with Fisher, and over time most of HP's board members came to feel they had lost trust in him, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Hurd settled with Fisher, who had once modeled for Playboy magazine, for undisclosed terms. Following Hurd's resignation, Ellison criticized HP's board in a letter to the newspaper, saying it had "just made the worst personnel decision since the idiots on the Apple board fired Steve Jobs many years ago. Oracle's future is engineering complete and integrated hardware and software systems for the enterprise.

Mark pioneered the integration of hardware with software when Teradata was a part of NCR. The company did not consider them co-CEOs. In announcing Hurd's leave of absence, the company said Catz and Ellison would assume Hurd's responsibilities. His father was a financier, according to the Financial Timesand his mother was a physician's daughter, according to Fortune. Hurd spent his childhood in New York and Miami.

He began playing tennis in high school. He was accepted into Baylor University in Waco, Texas, on a tennis scholarship and played on the Christian school's tennis team. He was appointed CEO in At the time of his leave of absence from Oracle, he sat on Baylor's board of regents. The Hurds have given money to Baylor, and the university plans a welcome center bearing their names. It is with a profound sense of sadness and loss that I tell everyone here at Oracle that Mark Hurd passed away early this morning.

Mark was my close and irreplaceable friend, and trusted colleague. Oracle has lost a brilliant and beloved leader who personally touched the lives of so many of us during his decade at Oracle. All of us will miss Mark's keen mind and rare ability to analyze, simplify, and solve problems quickly. Mark leaves his beloved wife Paula, two wonderful daughters who were the joy of his life, and his much larger extended family here at Oracle who came to love him.Here are 21 best funeral announcement wording samples for cards that will help you to communicate the memorial plans to friends and family.

Reception to follow at [location]. It is with our deepest sorrow that we inform you of the death of our beloved wife and mother [name] on [date]. A small family memorial service will be held on [date]. A celebrating of life. With memories strong and love so well shared, we go on as we must.

God sent us prepared, we came here with knowledge of His live so sweet. In remembrance [name] [date of birth and death]. A celebration of life for [name]. Lunch will be served in the Social Hall following the service.

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A life so beautifully lived deserves to be beautifully remembered. Please join us as we celebrate the life of name. Come celebrate the life of [name] [day of the week], [date] [time] [location] Reception and Brunch. In loving memory of [name]. Please join us for a memorial service honoring [name] life.

Remember the happy times, raise a glass with cheer, come celebrate with name in honor of his life. In Memoriam, [full name]. The honour of your presence is requested at a memorial service, [day of week], [date] at [time]. The family of [name] cordially invites you to join in celebrating her life on [date] at [time].

The ship will set sail at [time]. We request you bring your thoughts, prayers and fondest memories of [name]. Reception to follow. The family of [name] request the honor of your presence at a ceremony of final disposition. We will gather at [location and address] [day of week], [date] [time].

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