Sudoku source code

A while back, a colleague of mine introduced me to a game called Sudoku. The rules for Sudoku are simple. You have a board with 9x9 cells, the board is further divided into nine sub squares with 3x3 cells each.

In every sub square, in vertical and horizontal lines, you have to put the numbers once and only once. When creating a Sudoku, we must keep in mind that there can be only one solution for it, otherwise it is not considered a real Sudoku. When the class is initialized and a Sudoku puzzle has been set to solve, we can let the function Solve start its business.

In each iteration, we want to locate the spot on the board with the maximum information. We start with an initial set M with all possible solutions for the spot:.

Last, we remove all the used occurrences in the sub square. To speed up the feasibility test and simplify the code, I decided to use look-up tables for the sub squares. First, we get an index into the sub square table from our current position by using a table that maps locations to sub squares:. If the cardinality of the current set is less than the smallest before that, the current spot is the best evaluated so far:. The smallest cardinality cMp was initially set to 10 and if that hasn't been changed, we can be certain that there are no empty spots on the board and we can exit successfully:.

On the other hand, if the cardinality of the smallest set was 0i.

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When all the base cases have been accounted for, we can start the iterative process that tries every element of M in turn:. The loop replaces the unused spot with each element of M in turn and tries to solve in a recursive manner.

When M gets exhausted, we return false indicating there is no solution. If the function returned successfully, a solution can be read in the Data property as in the example:. I soon realized that it was too boring entering Sudokus by hand and set for the task to generate them.

My requirements were that you should be able to indicate how many spots should be filled in and give a possible start pattern. If the possible start pattern didn't work out on the first try it could be thrown away and an entire new pattern could be generated, otherwise we might be stuck with a pattern that doesn't have a solution, and considering the size of the entire Sudoku space that is quite bad complexity wise the program does a set number of retries.

We start by calculating how many spots are used in the current data set and then decide whether we'll start up fresh or and then generate an entire new Sudoku:. This loop goes on forever until a solution has been found for the set number of iterations.

There is room for improvement here if we want to be able to abort in mid search. The Gen int spots function starts by generating a random spot on the 9x9 board. To get determinism in the unit tests, the random generator implements the IRandomizer interface and is nondeterministic in production but deterministic for unit tests.

For each randomized spot, we have to check for the feasible values, pretty much done in the same style as in the solver:. If the cardinality is larger than zero, we get a random sample from the feasible set M :. If the set M is empty, this can't be a Sudoku and we restart the process until we find a non-empty set M. When all the given spots have been generated, we try for uniqueness in the function TestUniquness.

sudoku source code

The test for uniqueness is done by trying to generate more than one solution; as soon as more than one exists, the generated set will not be feasible and a new one is generated:.

To demonstrate how to use the class, I have made a small, rudimentary application using Windows Forms. From this, you can generate, solve, print, load and save Sudokus.Before starting you should know this project is now older version.

Updated version is here. Sudoku is my first java project. This game has some few options:. Game start from this file because it contains the main method. The source code is :. It shows me errors on line 5, in the GraphicallyRepresentation. Could you help me out please? Hi chhaya, There is an 2D integer array name cp in GraphicallyRepresentation. This array is populated by calling logic.

This array contains the answer of the puzzle. So if an user will enter an input your program should compare the input with the answer array cp. May be you have got your solution.

sudoku source code

Further, I am comparing both array values, if i found same values on same array index it mean the particular value is repeated. Then again, I assign random value to this index and check particular column and row for no any repeat occurrence in particular row and in column.

By this way I am trying to solve the Sudoku.

Sudoku Solving Algorithm with Backtracking - A Helpful Line-by-Line Code Tutorial - Part 1

But, Its not executing, It stops at particular position If i remove for ;; loop in solveGrid method, it gets executed. Please look in my code and help me to solve the Sudoku through my way! According to your logical description i think your logic has high complexity. You can calculate your complexity of this logic. May be you should change your logic. When i compile GraphicallyRepresentation. Note: Recompile with -Xlint:deprecation for details.

I do not have problem with Logic. One more thing, there is some minor problem when i run the project which is Option button, Setting button, Help button is not working. I developed it long time ago approximately 5 years. So which API or classes I have used that might be deprecated. For that reason that problem can be occurred. This project is full of bugs so please ignore minor problems but it can provide basic development knowledge.

Thank you Hasib for that information. I think it only have problem with Jcreator.

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When i use Netbeans IDE, all the buttons working perfectly. What I need to change in the source code for Jcreator? My email is imrory aol. Here is the another link.For reskin the app replace all image files that you find in drawable and drawable-hdpi with your own, remember if you change the name of one image file you must change it in the layout that use that image.

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Auto-save the state when you play, this mean if you exit app for break when you come in again you find the sudoku exactly like last time. Regular license Extended license View license details.

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sudoku source code

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Sudoku - Android App Source Code

Latest commit. Latest commit e1d09ed Aug 6, Structure: In JS folder, game. In CSS folder, game. But most of the elements are generated by JavaScript. Technical choices: The JavaScript code is write in a module style, so either the game data question and answer or game rules can be changed on requirements without the need to change other part of the code. Use CSS3 transition in the select panel to make the game interface more interactive and attractive. Things can be done if I have more time: A game data generater.

Can generate game anwsers under Sudoku rule and push data in the matrix array. So the game can be adjust difficulty levels and play number of times. Mobile evaluation, I whote code about reponsive design and web app meta tags, so it can be play on mobile device.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The dark mode beta is finally here.

C# Sudoku solver source code

Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I have commented some of the code just to analyses the code: Apologize if that is the wrong way. I am just a beginner. I have seen some codes online about the sudoku solving but I feel hard to analyze them. TBH, those solutions are not intuitive to me when they don't initialize row and col and call it in the FindUnassignedLocation function. I wanted to give it a shot myself with slight help from another answer I found on LeetCode.

If it helps anyone, here you go. I think if u create classes for cells and sudokus differently that makes ur jobs more easy.

sudoku source code

For example if u create class for cellu can have probability array for that unique cell and every loop make these probability arrays narrower when they have just one element different then zero then u found that cells real value. I give example about that when i go home.

Learn more. Asked 6 years, 6 months ago. Active 7 months ago. Viewed 37k times. It will call the function validate each time while doing brute force. It consumes a lot of time and I understood that it is impossible. I need a better algorithm for the solve function, please help me: I have commented some of the code just to analyses the code: Apologize if that is the wrong way.

Indra Indra 1, 3 3 gold badges 15 15 silver badges 24 24 bronze badges. In order to understand what's going on, that will help a lot more than other people's code. When wikipedia has an article called "Sudoku solving algorithms" and it's the first result on a google search, you just know somebody hasn't done their homework. Also, strip out old comments in code samples, unless they're explanatory.Calibre has the ability to view, convert, edit, and catalog e-books of almost any e-book format.

Instead of being a general engine that handles many game types, this focused engine is small and easy to mod. Included is a demo game featuring dark atmosphere and fast-paced combat.

This is the most complete and standalone Sudoku puzzle suite for Windows. It includes comfort playing with undo steps and powerful Sudoku generator with different difficulty levels. Tutorial mode with solving hints for newbies is included too.

Also there is High Score table and built-in timer for professional players. The Sudoku generation algorithm used by this app is my ultimate proud. Primarily it was based For Linux. Source code available in the tar file 9x9 Sudoku board Puzzle is created at run-time based on difficulty level set by player. It is licensed under the GPL. Cross-platform 3D and 2D game engine for Object Pascal. Many graphic effects including shadows, shaders, mirrors, screen effects.

Animation, collision detection, 3D sound. Extensible system of 3D objects, with out-of-the-box levels, items, intelligent creatures and more. Desktop, mobile, web plugin. Each file contains sudoku 1 per line. Good game! This tool written in C uses the Backtracking algorithm to solve Sudoku puzzles.

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